Are you worried about how you are going to consistently generate new high paying clients, sales and cash flow during the current crisis? If so...

Gain The Exact Copy-and-Paste High Paying Client Generating System That Exploded Our Business From Zero To Industry Powerhouse (So You Can Secure Dream Clients On-Demand Without Any Physical Contact… Fast!)

Let us prove to you step-by-step everything you need to know about securing high paying clients during this pandemic as quickly as possible without meeting them face-to-face!


Dear friend,

Are you worried about surviving right now due to the current crisis that’s eliminating businesses on every block?

How would you like to profitably and consistently secure as many high-end clients as you want, without needing to meet them in person…

Even if you have tried online marketing without any success in the past?

If you said yes… I know how you feel.

But more importantly. I have a pressure-tested solution that may just save your bacon. While actually helping you THRIVE during this time.

This solution is unlike any other and it’s been proven to work using real-world scientific advertising tests, time and time again.

My name is Lachie Pior. I’m the Co-Founder of Digital Knockout…

A rapidly-growing and industry leading online marketing company I started just 13-months ago with my partner Lucas Durante.

(Left: Lucas Durante. Right: Lachie Pior)

It’s been a big year. There have been many heartaches. Screw ups. And setbacks along the way. But it’s been worth it…


Because today, as verified by Mckinsey & Company, our business is valued at just over 10MM+.

Don’t believe me? That’s cool. I wouldn’t either.

So I attached the officially signed, legal valuation documents for you to check out below as proof.

And we are just getting started – it’s only upwards from here!

Now I’m not saying this to brag. But to prove a crucial point that could make you a small-fortune. You can still thrive during these uncertain times.

How? By simply transitioning online. Seriously, we were only able to grow this fast because of ONE simple, yet life-changing reason….

We developed a unique advertising system for generating rapid influxes of high-paying dream clients on-demand… without ever needing to meet them face-to-face.”

This meant no matter what the economy looked like. How much experience we had. Or how many times we had failed in the past…

We still had qualified prospects. Who were looking to buy now. Applying to work with us every single day.

This client securing advertising system not only worked for us. But worked for almost all our agency clients in 75 different industries (so it works in almost every industry and niche).


I’ll tell you all about this widly profitable system in a second…

Plus, how you can use it to install predictability into your business and grow cash flow…


But first let’s go back to where I started. Some of which you might be able to relate to. So I want to kick it off with a genuine confession…

The shocking look on my loving family’s face killed me on the inside…

It was 8:21pm on a freezing cold winter night in Melbourne.

I just got home from a pretty standard day at work. As per usual. I was tired and grumpy from pushing, grinding and trying everything I could to drum up new business all day with zero success.

I walked into the living room. Ready to collapse. You know, just trying to get a little bit of rest in before I have to get up and do it all again the next day.

But to my surprise. My entire family was sitting there. In the living room…

Just staring at me.

Immediately an electric rush of tension shot through my body like a hair-raising lightning bolt of unavoidable awkwardness.

I wondered why they were all staring at me with such a strong look of disappointment. Then it hit me over the head like a brick…

It was my father’s 67th birthday.

And not only had I been working so late (for the millionth time) I had basically missed the entire celebration with my family.

I was the only one who did not have enough money to buy him a birthday present… again. Everyone felt let down and disappointed in me.

My stomach turned. My gut sunk. And I proceeded to apologize like a mad man for working late, missing special events and not being able to afford to treat him (or any of them really) as well as I wish I could.

I promised that “next time” it was going to be different.

But deep down inside… I knew it wasn’t. I had no idea how to generate more business at work, and I certainly couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I felt like a failure because I couldn’t provide for my family or spend quality time with them that I wish I could because I was so busy “pushing, grinding and trying” to make more sales doing the same old thing.

All I can remember from that night is this. I knew I would do absolutely anything necessary to NEVER experience that feeling again…

Discovering A Unique Counter-Intuitive Advertising System That Consistently and Magnetically Attracts High Paying Clients On Demand Like Clockwork Even If Nobody Knows You… Yet!

I had little hope. But my partner Lucas Durante and I had just teamed up…

We were both ambitious, hard working and knew we could achieve more. Even though at the time, we didn’t know exactly how we were going to do it.

Nor did we have any track record of past success to base this completely unjustified confidence on. But we were willing to give it a go.

We knew a little about marketing and sales. But nothing compared to all the hotshot gurus, marketing superstars or multi-million advertising wizards online.

All we knew is that we had to end our suffering of constant hustling and grinding before we burnt out into a pathetic pile of ash.

So we started running some ads. We didn’t know what we were doing. We had little ‘pro’ experience doing this for ourselves. We did not have an email list. We did not have a personal brand. In fact, absolutely nobody knew who we were…

However, little did we know, Digital Knockout was about to explode into a 10MM+ powerhouse and one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in the entire country…

Exactly How We Grew TO 10MM+ Only 13 Months AFTER STARTING FROM SCRATCH And How You Can Copy The Same System For INSTANT GROWTH RIGHT NOW During This Pandemic...

We started running ads for Digital Knockout…

And at first, the results were laughable.

Come to think of it. They were actually “kinda ok” at times. But super inconsistent.

Some days I would come in and we would have a couple of leads. Then the next day we would have zero leads. We could not explain it.

Our lead quality was basically trash. Window shoppers. Tyre kickers. People just trying to shop us on price who had no money or intent to buy.

It was very frustrating. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to attract high-value clients who were actually serious about buying.

It felt like my customers just weren’t online. But I “knew” they had to be.

After all there were competitors crushing it online in our space.

So I knew they were there… somewhere.

I just had to find them.

I studied everything I could about getting quality leads and clients online. Read every blog post. Watched every video tutorial. Listened to all the gurus.

In fact, I actually bought 3 different marketing courses with little success.

All of them were a waste of money.

I was sick of hearing about all these complicated sales funnels and webinars that magically printed money.

All I wanted was a simple and reliable way to have qualified clients reaching out to me.

Asking about how they can pay me for my services. Not the other way around.

I was feeling scared and pretty hopeless about it all.

But as we started to attract some higher quality clients and close more sales…

Until I had a light bulb moment!

I discovered a new way. A simpler way. A way to first… capture the attention of high quality prospects.

While blocking out and actually “turning away” unqualified prospects and windows shoppers.

I discovered a new counter-intuitive method to get those highly qualified prospects reaching out to ME. Asking ME how they can do business with us.

Instead of the other way around. Without all the gimmicky sales tactics most people were showing me.

I developed a new replicable way to turn these high quality leads into dream clients. Over and over and over again.

It was like our own secret catnip for high value dream clients.

I finally understood why so many people say “If you can turn $1 into $2 you will never need to worry about money again.”

The best part?

This new way to attract dream clients did not require any webinars, complicated funnels, advanced advertising tactics or lots of prior experience.

It just worked for us normal everyday Aussies who had a compelling dream, a good service, and an unwavering work ethic to match it.

We transitioned 100% of all our sales and marketing efforts to this new online dream client generating system and our business exploded.

My partner, Lucas and I went from working out of his shoebox sized apartment in Melbourne. From a dining room table… to our first REAL office space in under 30-days!

We Continued To Quietly and Ethically Abuse This Outrageously Effective Client Securing System As If It Was Our Own Personal ATM Machine

Shortly after we moved into our first office. We hired our first employee. Why? Because we were literally FORCED to do so.

We had so many new clients rushing through our doors. We simply did not have enough time in the day to deliver all the work.

While still attending to the avalanche of qualified prospects. Applications to work with us were flooding my calendar every single day.

I would wake up at 4am. Get to the office at 5:30am. Open my calendar. And see this…

Fast forward a few months… Many sales calls. Lots of hard work. And we continued to expand into a brand new office. While growing to a team of 24 razor-sharp employees.

Thanks to this new online client grabbing system…

We did not have to worry about where our next dollar was coming from. So we could enjoy more free time with our friends and family.

I do not say all this to brag or to show off…

There are MANY people who achieved far bigger things than we have. In fact, it’s not even close.

However, I do want to inspire you and prove to you that even if you are in a similar position to where I was…

Not sure where your next client is coming from. Scared of how you are going to make more sales. Tired, frustrated and just looking to catch a break.

You can make it…

If you just learn how to get high paying dream clients coming to YOU like clockwork without needing to meet them face-to-face during this crisis.

This Highly-Effective and Simple Ads Strategy Has Worked For Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs Just Like You

This online dream client securing system hasn’t just worked for us. Even though when we started we were practically bums!…

It has also worked like wildfire for our clients and students.

Which means, no matter where your starting point is. No matter how grim the current pandemic may seem or what your industry is. This system will work for you (we are going to guarantee it).

Only if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen and simply follow what we say step-by-step, to the letter.

Do YOU Qualify For This Cutting-Edge Online Client Securing System?

Listen. Here at Digital Knockout, many clients pay us upwards of $10k to install predictable business building systems like this into their company.

They truly understand the value, time and financial freedom gaining control over their revenue with something like this provides.

However, not everyone is ready for systems that advance. So we have created a step-by-step program for everyone in the earlier stages.

For those of you who simply want to not only survive, but thrive during the current crisis by taking a firm grasp over where your next client is coming from….

Instead of living off the crumbs of whatever fate drops in our laps. We genuinely and sincerely want to help you get there.

And we are giving back by offering our most effective and easy to implement, advertising system at a huge, one-time only discount.

Keep in mind. This program is not for everyone. We wear our client success percentage on our sleeves with pride.

So we are ensuring only the RIGHT business owners gain insider-access to this revolutionary system. We’ve specifically designed this program for you if match the following criteria:

Worried about where your next client is going to come from and how to convince prospects to buy in economic times like these...

Have not been able to consistently attract and convert high paying clients for your own business no matter what you try or how much you spend...

Launched an ad campaign only to have it eat up all your money without any signs of success...

Felt like your lead quality sucked because they are just window shoppers with no money...

Had your cost per lead and cost per sale skyrocket no matter what you try with no idea why...

Gotten sick of trial and error, needing to guess what's going to work and fumbling around with the complexity of the ads manager...

Want a straight-forward, no BS, and copy-and-past advertising formula you can just instantly plug and play for tangible, money-in the bank results...

Introducing Our Most Anticipated Program Ever “Dream Clients On Demand” Accelerating Online Business Growth Without Any Experience Or Physical Contact With Clients

This is the EXACT step-by-step advertising framework we used to skyrocket our business from a laughable $0 startup nobody even knew. To one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the country.

But more than that, It’s what I used to go from a dead-broke failure who spent his father’s birthdays working. Without enough cash to buy him a present…

To where I am today, I can spend almost as much free time with my friends and family as I like.

Without having to worry about where my next client was going to come from. No matter how many businesses are falling over due to the current pandemic.

Now that feeling…

The feeling of true freedom, control and power to dictate your own destiny and help the loved ones you care about without second guessing…

Is Unshakeable and Absolutely Priceless!

This is all possible because this program is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Here’s just a mere glimpse at some of the secrets you’ll discover when you gain access to Dream Clients On Demand today…

Ultrasonic X-Ray Targeting

Highly Coveted Secrets To Finding and Targeting Your Dream Clients Online While Actually “Turning Off” Unqualified Time Wasters and Window Shoppers So You Almost Only Speak With Perfects Prospect.

If you are going to run super profitable ads that suck in high paying dream clients like a turbocharged vacuum cleaner…

Then you must know exactly how to target the RIGHT people online. Unfortunately, most people teach boring things like “how old are they” “where do they live” “blah, blah, blah”. But that’s old news.

We take you behind the scenes. Showing you how to make sure your ideal prospects always lock eyes with you when they are swiftly scrolling through their news feeds.

We call it our “Ultrasonic X-Ray Targeting Method” because we take advantage of scientific advertising algorithms.

These algorithms use your customers past actions as an indication of what they will do next. Therefore, we ensure our message hits them just at the right time. Just before they pull the purchasing trigger to make you the go-to choice.

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

What audiences to NEVER target (everyone makes this simple, yet costly mistake) if you feel your ads are not as profitable as they could be, experience tells us you are likely making THIS mistake.

3 simple steps to take (before anything else) if you have no idea where to start or what to do. If you want to pinpoint your perfect prospects the first time around, simply follow these steps.

The #1 most expensive mistake business owners make when trying to move online for the first time (this money-murder cost us 42,346 and we do NOT want you to throw hard earn money down this commonly overlooked blackwhole)

Under-publicised secrets to “turning off” unqualified prospects before you waste your time and money on them (we call this our “Window Shopper Repellent” because it ensures you don’t need to slam your head a against a brick wall trying to sell unqualified leads)

Once you are able to accurately target dream clients with sniper-like accuracy. You need to ensure your message makes a powerful punch. Or you’ll quickly be forgotten amongst your competitors…

Powerfully Persuasive Copy-And-Paste Ad Writing Templates That Turn Clicks Into High Paying Clients During Times Of Economic Crisis

You Will Get Your Hands On Our Highest Converting Word-For-Word Ad Text and Copywriting Templates That Take The Guesswork Out Of Crafting Copy That Converts Like Crazy So You Spend More Time Collecting Checks (Even If You Are Not A Copywriter)

If you hate writing ad text (also known as copy) this carefully crafted segment will make your life a breeze. We take ALL the guesswork out of writing high-converting ad copy that turns browsers into buyers.

This is where most business owners get it wrong. They write ad copy that appeals to them, not their customers!

Listen. If I could pass down any gift I have learnt over the past 13-months, grinding away in my advertising bunker, split-testing almost every word under the sun to see which maximises ROI… it would be this section.

The ability to simply write ad copy that turns people from “let me think about it” or “it’s too expensive” into high paying clients that hunt down your services saying things like “when can we get started” and “do you have a referral program so I can send my friends and family too you?”.

Here’s what else we reveal:

3 commonly used words prospects looking to buy now HATE (seems impossible, but your advertising could be driving qualified buyers away from your business) remove these words now for immediate sales-relief.

You need to have copywriting experience or gifted genetics to write ads that make money, right? WRONG! (Our simple templates make effective copywriting fast, easy and straightforward.)

What you MUST say within the very first 8-words of your advertisement to maximise conversions (We have split-tested over 7,568 formulas and ‘this’ 8-word rule wins every time) once you have this. Crafting outrageously engaging ads comes naturally.

Now once you know how to target your dream customers and engage them with ad copy that converts. You need to understand how to build an impenetrable online presence.

One that forces your closet competitors to say… “I see these guys everywhere” or “How can they be so aggressive with their marketing” or “I want to be seen everywhere like them!”. Here’s how you’ll do it…

The Market Saturation Strategy That Takes You From Invisible Zero To Irresistible Hero (Fast!)

How To Be Seen Everywhere By Your Dream Clients So You Dominate Your Marketplace and Become A Well Known Industry Expert Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are… Yet!

When we first started advertising online from my partners tiny apartment in melbourne…

Nobody knew us. Not a single soul. So we had to create a very effective, and financially lean way to build up a massive audience of prospects who knew, trusted and wanted to hear from us.

This way, we could sell to warm traffic that wanted to buy, instead of the cold traffic most people target online that simply never converts.

We call it our “Zero-To-Hero Market Saturation Strategy”. It’s where we create a very unique, simple and easy to master type of ad that triggers an avalanche of mass engagement.

This is the fastest way to launch ads you know are going to profit. No more guessing, trial and error. Just confidence and certainty on almost every launch.

Here’s some golden-gems you are getting:

Why you do NOT need a massive following, personal brand or lots of existing brand awareness to be seen everywhere by your marketplace (this secret allowed us to rapidly become “omnipresent” in our industry creating the illusion we are everywhere at very little cost)

If you feel like you are invisible online we’ll show you how to position your company in the often overlooked spots your competitors miss, where your dream clients can commonly be found searching for your services in ‘ready-to-buy’ mode.

How to out advertise your competitors 10:1 so your dream clients proactively choose you over them almost every time (even if they have mammoth marketing budgets which dwarf yours)

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Here Is What Everyone Else Is Saying....

Since working with Digital Knockout we’ve gone from $0 to $1,900,000 in our first 9 months while gaining 110 new clients…”

Since Working With Digital Knockout, YCL’s Revenue Has Grown By 292% Which Has Been Really Really Exciting To See…

My experience with DKO has been incredible. They are very professional and committed to delivering outcomes that are measuable.

By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They took my online store from $10K month to over $100K/month in under 6 months.

My experience with DKO has been incredible. They are very professional and committed to delivering outcomes that are measuable.

I was a small start-up when I first started working with the team at DKO, they produced AMAZING results. Ranking and sales through the roof.

Plus! Until The End Of This Month Only We Are Adding In These 2 Explosive Growth Bonuses To Accelerate Your Results

Our Proprietary Return On Investment Calculator (Worth $997)

We can quite accurately predict the profitability of an online advertising campaign BEFORE it goes live. And before we ever spend a single cent. Imagine being able to forecast your profitably, and results before investing time, money and energy into a project.

The eye-opening and pain saving capabilities of this simple calculator has saved us a small fortune, and it will do the same for you. Just plug in a couple simple numbers you already have on hand, and lean on the trusted predictive calculator for surprisingly accurate profit predictions.

5 Real-World Ads That Made Over 100k+ (Worth $597)

Not only will you discover how to write ads that convert like clockwork in this program. However, we are also going to hand you 5 ads that generated over 100K on a silver platter. These ads will show you exactly how simple and easy it is to create profitable advertising.

Simply swipe these winning ad formulas, copy and paste them into your own campaign, and watch results skyrocket along with your confidence and cash flow controlling abilities. Let’s take the guesswork out of profitable advertising for you once and for all.

We Were Going To Charge an Arm and A Leg For This Fully-Comprehensive Advertising System...

After all… it did change my life forever. And many of my clients and students lives as well.

In fact, as mentioned before, many clients pay us over 10K for advertising strategies very similar to this. But it’s not all about the money.

Because not only have we learnt these selling secrets after spending over 6M in ad spend.

But I have personally spent over 16,000+ implementing, testing, optimising and tweaking these marketing strategies within this program to get them just right.

You see, I hate guessing. Trial and error. Hope and pray marketing. So I put blood, sweat and tears into this program to ensure that no matter what.

This program will slice YEARS off your learning curve. While also saving you THOUSANDS in wasted ad spend and frustration.

Which is why we were going to charge upwards of 10k+ for this program until I thought back to when I started. When I had little to invest. When all I needed was someone to point me in the right direction.

And considering the current crisis, transitioning from offline to online has become COMPULSORY for almost all service business owners and consultants to not only survive, but thrive.

So I want to help you make the transition in the fastest, easiest and most profitable way possible without having to invest all the money I did.

Which is why we have slashed the price of this program for a limited special time offer. Right now…

You Get Unlimited Access To The Complete “Dream Clients On-Demand” Advertising System For A Tiny One-Time Investment Of Just $97 Right Now!

You Are Always Protected By Our 100% Bulletproof Risk-Free ‘$5k Profit or Your Money Back’ Lifetime Guarantee!

I’m so confident this program will work for you and the results will be life-changing. Just as they are for my students and I. I’m willing to take ALL the risk away from you and take it on myself. Here’s how it works….

If at any time you are not satisfied with your wise investment, simply let us know. We will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Email us here you are only ever 1 quick email away from a 100% no questions asked refund.

On top of that! If you do not profit at least 5k in the first 12-MONTHS of using these strategies. We will give you a full refund and PAY you $97 just for giving it a shot.

Naturally, providing you simply take the time to implement all the strategies within the course.

The only way you lose in this situation is by committing to doing nothing and continually sliding backwards. So secure your “Dream Clients On Demand” system right now and take control.


Here Is Everything You Are Getting In The “Dream Clients On Demand” Advertising System Right Now...

This simple, yet effective dream client securing system covers everything from end-to-end. At no stage will you find yourself wondering how to do something or trying to just “figure it out”.

We take you by the hand step-by-step through each stage. So you end up with a fully built and comprehensive advertising system that is live and gaining qualified leads, from scratch, as fast as possible.

We want you to sit back, relax and close new clients every single day. Not worry about advertising. Let us take care of that for you by eliminating all the guesswork in this proven program.


Here’s a mere glimpse at the 10 exiting modules you are getting in Dream Clients On-Demand:


The Introduction Inception

(Valued at $597)

We’ll walk you through the entire copy-and-paste framework. This proven diagram will become the reliable and strong foundation upon which your business builds its revenue generating activities for success.


Infiltrating Your Dream Clients Deepest Desires

(Valued at $1,597)

I’ll guide you deep inside the primal buying instincts of your perfect prospects. Pointing out which words trigger a buying frenzy and which words will have you shamed in the marketplace and left empty handed.


Ads That Trigger An Avalanche Of Demand

(Valued at $1,597)

Featuring our infamous “Invisible Zero To Irresistible Hero” market saturation strategy. You’ll discover how to amass a loyal following of qualified prospects who are desperate to do business with you (even if nobody has ever heard of you… yet!).


Ads That Trigger An Avalanche Of Demand

(Valued at $2,000)

Within this thrilling module lies our copy-and-paste high converting ad writing templates. Simply fill in the blanks and watch your ads outsell your comptitors 10:1 with ease. Nothing turbocharges your selling power like these tried and tested templates.


Transforming Your Loyal Audience Into Cold Hard

(Valued at $2,000)

This offer building masterclass breaks down 5-secrets to creating compelling offers that attract dream clients like catnip. So qualified leads pro-actively pursue your services instead of your competition. Without any pushy sales tactics.


Persuasion Secrets That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

(Valued at $2,000)

We reveal our highest converting offer templates that show you how to present your perfectly sculpted offer in the most lucrative way possible. If you have ads that are barely profitable right now (or even running at a loss) this section will feel like you are strapping a rocketship to your ROI.


The Foundation Of Modern Day Advertising

(Valued at $997)

We’ll show you how to set up your ad account and tracking step-by-step using best practices. Don’t worry about the typical headaches and confusion surrounding ‘techy’ things. We simplify it for you and make it super smooth so you can gain clarity over how much money your ads are really making.


Constructing Your Outrageously Effective Sale Generating Machine For Explosive Results

(Valued at $2,000)

Some ad platforms are confusing. Which is why we highlight the most costly, yet innocent mistakes everyone makes when building their ad campaigns. So you can side-step these money-murdering potholes for maximum profitability straight out of the gates upon launch.


Opening The FloodGates To Dream Clients On Demand

(Valued at $997)

We are live baby! This is where the adrenaline really starts to kick into full gear because now qualified leads are starting to flow in. The life-changing visions are beginning to become real. You are refreshing your inbox. Seeing qualified leads. You are having amazing consultations with prospects who know you and WANT your advice. But we are just getting started!


Sharpening Your Sword For Maximum Sales and Growth

(Valued at 3,000)

Imagine if you could quite accurately PREDICT the profitability of a marketing campaign before you ever spent a single dollar? This rare ROI calculator does exactly that. Simply plug in a couple of common numbers tailored to your business, and trust this calculator to guide you down the fastest and surest path to success so you can avoid simple mistakes that could cost you a fortune.

FREE Bonus #1:

Our Proprietary Return On Investment Calculator

(Valued at $3,000)

Imagine if you could quite accurately PREDICT the profitability of a marketing campaign before you ever spent a single dollar? This rare ROI calculator does exactly that. Simply plug in a couple of common numbers tailored to your business, and trust this calculator to guide you down the fastest and surest path to success so you can avoid simple mistakes that could cost you a fortune.

FREE Bonus #2:

5 Real-World Ads That Made 100k

(Valued at $597)

These powerfully eye-opening ads show you just how realistic it is to create 6-figure campaigns that slice through your competition like a red hot knife through butter. Simply copy their framework, in addition to our word-for-word templates, and watch your ads take off. Honestly, you just have to see it for yourself.


Our 100% Bulletproof Risk-Free “5k Profit or Your Money Back” Lifetime Guarantee!

Simply implement all the strategies and if you do not make at least 5k profit in 12-MONTHS. We will not only give you a 100% refund on the spot. We will actually pay you $97 on top of your refund, just for you trying the program. In addition, at any time if you feel as though you are not satisfied, you are just one quick email away from a 100% money back refund. Just let us know here no hard feelings at all!

Total Combined Value Of: $20,379

Normal Everyday Price: $5,000

Todays Special Discount

98% OFF!

Today You Are Saving... $4,903


Why so cheap? We genuinely want to help as many business owners remain profitable and scale online during this pandemic. My dad owns a small seafood business so I know how it feels to personally struggle. Therefore, we are slashing the everyday retail price by 98% for business owners willing to invest in themselves so you can succeed.


PS Here are answers to some extra questions you might still have …

Q: I can watch online marketing videos on YouTube. Why should I pay $97 for your course?
A: What comes with Dream Clients On Demand cannot be compared with watching a YouTube video – recorded however long ago when times were different. Our course is brand new and especially created to help business owners attract new leads and clients using methods few know about. Plus, take another look at the stack of bonuses with our course.

Q: Does this course show me exactly how to get leads online?
A: Yes, every step of the way. Even if you have never marketed online before. This is the nearest you will get to a hand-held experience in online marketing for generating new leads. Plus, remember the bonus of the private, one-to-one online consultation. Your specific questions answered by Digital KnockOut co-founders, Lachie or Lucas. Or one of their team of experts.

Q: I am afraid to buy a course that requires a lot of my time. What’s your answer?
A: We’d suggest you might find yourself more afraid of having TOO MUCH time on your hands without new clients coming into your email inbox! Whether you take action using our course or somebody else’s – you will be busy doing something either way. We’re confident our course will be the best thing you can order today. As you saw – we guarantee it!

Q: What support is there after I start the course?
A: Apart from the bonus one-on-one live online consultation – you also get unlimited, rapid response email support from Digital Knockout’s dedicated Customer Support Team.


Here Is Everything You Are Getting In The “Dream Clients On Demand” Advertising System Right Now...

This simple, yet effective dream client securing system covers everything from end-to-end. At no stage will you find yourself wondering how to do something or trying to just “figure it out”.

We take you by the hand step-by-step through each stage. So you end up with a fully built and comprehensive advertising system that is live and gaining qualified leads, from scratch, as fast as possible.

We want you to sit back, relax and close new clients every single day. Not worry about advertising. Let us take care of that for you by eliminating all the guesswork in this proven program.


Here’s a mere glimpse at the 10 exiting modules you are getting in Dream Clients On-Demand:

  • Module #1: The Introduction Inception (Valued at $597)
  • Module #2: Infiltrating Your Dream Clients Deepest Desires (Valued at $997)
  • Module #3: Amassing Your Loyal Army Of Qualified Prospects (Valued at $1,597)
  • Module #4: Ads That Trigger An Avalanche Of Demand (Valued at $2,000)
  • Module #5: Transforming Your Loyal Audience Into Cold Hard Cash (Valued at $2,000)
  • Module #6: Persuasion Secrets That Turn Browsers Into Buyers (Valued at $2,000)
  • Module #7: The Foundation Of Modern Day Advertising (Valued at $997)
  • Module #8: Constructing Your Outrageously Effective Sale Generating Machine For Explosive Results (Valued at $3,000)
  • Module #9: Opening The FloodGates To Dream Clients On Demand (Valued at $997)
  • Module #10: Sharpening Your Sword For Maximum Sales and Growth (Valued at $2,597)

Total Combined Value Of: $20,379

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